Fall In Love With Your Home

What size skip do you need for your home improvement project?

Home renovations come in all different sizes, from changing the locks on your doors to landscaping the back garden. When planning larger home improvement projects it's important to consider how you're going to remove all of the refuse the project is going to create.

Landscaping the back garden for example, if it involves reshaping the land could potentially upheave several tons of earth. Such a heavy load would need to be taken away by a skip, and it is vital that you check with the skip company that they can take away such a particularly heavy load. Another large project such as knocking down and taking away an old outhouse would require a skip due to the large volume and payload of the created refuse. Other substantial home renovations like replacing a kitchen will also likely necessitate a skip for its large volume, but it would not weigh as much so may only require a less heavy duty skip.

Play it safe and get the largest skip available?

Health and Safety regulations state that you cannot fill a skip to higher than the skip's edges, and because of this we do recommend overestimating when sizing up your skip. Having a second skip delivered can be expensive and time consuming. It can however also be expensive having the largest skip available sent over to you. Not only can it be expensive, large skips take up a lot of space and may not be permitted on the roadside.

What size skips are there?

Bristol has a wide array of skip sizes for hire. Standard skip sizes range from a capacity of around 20-30 bin bags, up to a capacity of 100-120 bin bags. A 20-30 bin bag skip is generally around 2 yards in length. Whereas a skip with a load capacity of 100-120 bin bags is generally around 12 yards in length. Most skip hire companies offer a range of medium sized skips such as a 4 yard skip that can take up to 40 bin bags, a 6 yard skip that can take up to 60 bin bags, and an 8 yard skip that can take up to 80 bin bags. Whatever size skip you decide on we advise that you measure out the space which you plan on having the skip placed before you order it. The council will generally grant you permission to place smaller skips on the roadside with advanced notice.

Alternatives to traditional skip hire

If you live in a built up area you may not have room to have a skip left outside. The main alternative is a bulk waste collection service. This is generally cheaper than having a skip delivered however it is only suitable on occasions where to have one or two large items for removal such as a sofa suite. Another alternative if you don't have space or can't get a permit is to use a wait and load skip. Other advantages to this are that the skip lorry doesn't have to make a return trip, potentially saving you money, and you don't have to have an unsightly skip outside your house for a long period of time. This can however put you and your workforce under pressure to load all of your waste into the skip quickly and in one go.

Our verdict

When sizing up your skip you should take into account everything you plan on throwing out, size it up, and consider how it stacks together, in order to calculate the load volume you require. A medium sized kitchen refurbishment will normally fit into a medium sized '6 yard skip'.