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Conveyancing - Should you use a conveyancer or a solicitor?

When looking to purchase a new home we strongly advise that you seek assistance from either a conveyance or a solicitor in transferring the legal ownership of the property from the previous owner or seller to yourself. Buying a new home is likely not something you do often so we can't stress enough the importance of professional legal help.
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What size skip do you need for your home improvement project?

Home renovations come in all different sizes, from changing the locks on your doors to landscaping the back garden. When planning larger home improvement projects it's important to consider how you're going to remove all of the refuse the project is going to create.
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Moving home? Consider your van

At Home Improvements we want you to have the best home possible. We encourage you to make the most of your home, but we understand that there are many reasons why you may want to move to somewhere new. You may need to move location to be closer to work, to a good school for your children. You may need a larger house to home a growing family, or you may simply be able to afford better now than you could before.
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