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Moving home? Consider your van

At Home Improvement we want you to have the best home possible. We encourage you to make the most of your home, but we understand that there are many reasons why you may want to move to somewhere new. You may need to move location to be closer to work, to a good school for your children. You may need a larger house to home a growing family, or you may simply be able to afford better now than you could before.

Now there are several things that you'll need to consider regarding the process of moving home. We've covered whether to choose a property solicitor or a conveyance for organising the legal transaction of a home in another of our blog posts. You'll also need to consider the process of moving its self.

What size moving van do I need?

The sizes of hire vans that we'd consider suitable for moving home range from a medium wheel base (MWB) panel van up to a Luton Lorry.

If you're light on home contents and you live on your own, and you are planning on moving into a furnished apartment we advise you to consider if a MWB panel van, or a long wheel base (LWB) van for couples & singles with a small flat's worth of furniture. A MWB van such as a standard Ford Transit typically takes up to 30 boxes, or 350 - 400 cubic Feet. By comparison a long wheelbase van takes up to 500 cubic feet, depending on the model.

If you have the contents of an unfurnished 2+ bedroom flat or a small house we strongly recommend a Luton box van or lorry. A standard driving licence allows you to drive a truck weighting up to 7.5t. Typically these trucks can take up to 1500 cubic feet which should be enough for a medium size 3 bedroom house. If you have a 4+ bedroom house or any especially fragile/ bulky items, or if you are at all unsure, it's worth contacting a removal company for advice or a possible inspection. Professionals can often spot potential issues with the moving process.

So do I want a hire van or a moving company?

If you are entirely unsure about the size of van/ truck you'll need, if you don't have the time to load up the van and do the move yourself, or you don't feel capable of living and moving your contents, then either a 'man with a van' or a professional home removals company may be the more sensible option.

If you feel you are capable of all of the above then hiring the van to do the job your self can save you hundreds of pounds. Just hiring the van for a day also gives you more flexibility with the moving process.