Fall In Love With Your Home

Why make home improvements?

Homeowners may be daunted by the prospect of home improvement due to costs and temporary inconvenience but house remodelling has numerous advantages in the long-term, including increased energy-efficiency, security, and property value.

Living environments are enhanced when homes are improved

For many a home is not just a place to live but an aspirational project where the goal is to gradually improve the quality of the house, either through do-it-yourself efforts or with professional assistance, and create a better living environment. Creating new rooms and house extensions can expand living space while the installation of new kitchens and bathrooms can enhance any domestic environment. Soundproofing rooms can improve privacy while replacing heating and air-conditioning systems can help maintain comfortable house temperatures.

Enhance security with improved access control

Domestic security is integral to those wishing to sleep safely in their beds at night knowing their selves and possessions will come to no harm. Some neighbourhoods are safer than others but even in low-crime areas there is always the possibility that someone with ill-intent will break-and-enter the premises. A key area of home improvement is taking the necessary measures to avoid breaches of security and this can include the fitting of sturdy doors, shatter-resistant windows, advanced locking systems, burglar alarms, intercoms, security cameras and motion activated lights.

Energy-efficient homes are cheaper to run and better for the environment

Spending money on home improvements may raise anxieties about breaking the bank in the short-term but in the long-term it will cut energy costs while reducing environmental impact. Green remodelling, a type of home improvement that involves retrofitting a house for greater energy-efficiency, enables homeowners to save money on energy bills while costing the earth less in carbon emissions. Double and triple glazing windows as well as insulated roofs and walls can help cut heating costs while photovoltaic solar panels can help generate and store renewable energy.

House maintenance not only improves a home but stops it from deteriorating

Time, effort and resources must be spent to maintain a house in optimal condition otherwise it will fall into a state of disrepair. Saving money by avoiding house maintenance expenses may prove to be a false economy because the costs of habitual upkeep may prove cheaper than the cost of repair after a house has been allowed to deteriorate to unacceptable levels. Whether replacing old doors or faulty door-handles, re-tiling or re-thatching roofs, replacing plumbing, floors or kitchen appliances the incremental refurbishment of houses can maintain a home in peak condition.

An improved home is worth more on the property market

Transforming a mediocre house into an excellent house through the process of home improvement should result in an exponential increase in the property's market value. The increase in property value depends on the extent of home improvement as well as on the types of home improvement undertaken, with property value able to rise anywhere from 10% to over 100%. Replacing any faulty or out-of-date plumbing or electrical systems is important for securing a decent house price while adding extensions such as conservatories can cause the property value to skyrocket.