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Access control for your home

Maintaining the security of your home is important because doors are the favoured entry for burglars, so it's essential to ensure your locks are adequately maintained and fit for purpose. The security provided by different types of access systems is discussed below:


Intercoms are popular within apartment complexes and flats, as security levels are maintained at maximum levels when they are operated correctly. Door intercoms are also available to give homeowners heightened sense of security in the home, these may also include video and infrared options so visitors can be visually checked over any time of day or night prior to unlocking doors of the home.

Barrel/Cylinder Locks

Cylinder locks are popular choices and can be fabricated for wooden doors or UPVC, however they can have drawbacks. You can opt for different types of barrel lock, including pin tumbler locks, wafer tumbler locks and disc tumbler locks. Rim cylinder locks feature connections to a night latch and are specifically for timber doors. The connected night latch means homeowners have added security in the home when the night latch is in place.

Barrel locks are popular because locksmiths can just remove the cylinder and fit another, for example if keys are misplaced or when the lock needs upgrading. Euro cylinders are fabricated for use with UPVC doors and can be single cylinder, double cylinder or double cylinder with thumbturn. The Euro cylinder locks are renowned for lock snapping vulnerabilities, when force is applied to some of these locks they can snap within one or two minutes, although modern cylinder locks are more robust and not quite so vulnerable to lock snapping by intruders.

Mortice Deadlock

A mortice deadlock is used in conjunction with a night latch and operates from the inside by key. These locks are fitted at around waist height and mean householders can lock the door from the inside and outside, ensuring added safety throughout the night or at times when the householder is home. There are different types of mortice deadlocks available and five lever mortice deadlocks are standard fitments providing moderate levels of security to the premises. BS 3621 standard five lever mortice deadlocks provide higher levels of security to homeowners and insurers may offer reductions in premiums to householders with these locks fitted.

Yale Locks

Yale locks are also cylinder locks but very popular options due to the simple cylinder mechanism replacement mentioned above. Yale locks can be fitted with a variety of different types of latch, depending upon the security levels needed by the householder. You can opt for traditional night latches which are the budget choice, modern night latches which offer greater levels of security, deadbolt types, roller bolts, auto deadlocking latches or BS 3621 nightlatches.

Keeping your family and possessions safe and secure within the home is an important aspect for anybody. Opting for the locks and devices providing higher levels of security makes sense for everyone. Reputable locksmiths can give you the best advice on keeping your home secure and making sure burglars and intruders don't target your property.